Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Princess Theme Cupcakes

Many thanks to Kak Liza. My ever loyal neighbour . If you look at my follower's column, she's the one in black. Can't believe it as these 100pcs of chocolate moist cupcakes was done a few days before Raya. Couldn't turn down her request for her bubbly girl aka Baby. She said that the cuppies will be brought to an orphanage in Hulu Kelang. Wouldn't miss this golden opportunity to bring smiles to the orphans. :))))


  1. Aunty semalam besssss sangat sebab dapat kawan
    ramai macam adik beradik suka diorang dapat kek tu pastu aunty sedap lah kek yang aunty buat tu
    sedap sangattttt.Aunty mama kata insyaAllah nak
    order lagi for Angah's birthday pulak tauuu byeee

  2. Thanks a lot Baby. Glad u loike it...mmmuuuaaahhhh.