Friday, October 9, 2009

Cupcakes for my visitors

Been very busy with all Raya Open Houses and Orders to meet . Didn't have time to bake my own cake. Luckily, my generous cousin Sheila gave me some raya cakes to be serve to my visitors. Thanks Sheila. Ironic isn't it. Anyway, heard that I will be expecting some visitors tomorrow, so I baked Butter Cream Cheese Cake. I missed out taking photos of it. First time baking it (recipe from Che De Sam fotopages), I loike it...yummmy. Then, feeling unsatisfied, I baked chocolate moist cupcakes with no frosting but with just sprinkles. The sprinkles sticked to the cuppies well as the cuppies were so moist. My 4 yr old son ate 4 of them in one go just when I was about to store them. Don't you just love the green cupcake liners. Beautiful I would say, I got it from my cousin again,hehehe..she donated the liners and sugar decorations to me. Her oven broke down and she gave up baking for now. And I was just lucky.....

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